g pen vaporizerLooking for a simple and reliable vape pen for oils and concentrates? Are you new to the whole vaping experience? Then the G-Pen Vaporizer Pen could be what you are looking for to start out.

The G-Pen Vaporizer is one of the better brands to check out in the marketplace today. Produced by Grenco Science it carries with it a great brand name associate with high quality products.

Used solely for oil and concentrate products, it is a good basic vape pen for those new to vaping.

If you want a dry herb equivalent to this model, Grenco Science make one for these purposes as well. Click here to find out about this model.

With that aside out the way, let’s delve deeper into the review of this model.

So what do we like?

It’s easy to assemble.

Assembling the G-pen Vaporizer is very easy. Once you bought the pen, all you have to do is to follow the simple instructions and get started vaporizing immediately.

With the stress-free assemble guide, your aromatherapy session is an easy starting point for beginners. The pen also features locking/unlocking functions for vaporizing on the go.

The G-pen Vaporizer, unlike some other vaporizers in the market, has a built-in compact design that allows you to take the vaporizer almost anywhere very discreetly.

It has the slim, innocuous aesthetic of a high quality pen that fits easily into your pocket.

The G-pen Vaporizer is very accessible. It is very quick and easy to use. All you need is to attain the right temperature and you’ll be able to produce vapor within seconds. This is very comparable with other vaporizers in the market. With just one press of the button, you’ll get the smooth hit of vapor you need instantly.

G-Pen VaporizerCharging will never be a problem with G-pen Vaporizers. It features flexible charging that works well with USB port or an AC adapter. This provides efficiency when charging your battery for prolonged use of the device.

The vapor quality is very surprising, despite the device being small as well as thin. The density you can get and the flavor is pure and crisp compared to other vaporizers today.

The problem, however, is that the filling chamber is small so you don’t get large draws from each filling but this should not be a major concern for most users.


So what don’t we like?

As we mentioned above, it does not work on dry herbs, just oils and concentrates. This pen has a specific purpose – to vape oil or wax concentrates.

If you are a multipurpose sort of person Grenco Science’s dry herb equivalent or invest in a kit such as the 710Pen Vaporizer Kit. Personally we like the concentrate experience which in the strictest sense is true vaping – but each to their own.
You have to be careful, however, when placing the oil and wax concentrates because it can get pretty messy, especially when it lies on the side. Leaking could also be a concern but it is not a major problem.

So what do we think?

When it comes to the price, the G-pen Vaporizer offers a reasonable deal. You can buy this product online for less than $100.

If you are new to vaping this is a perfect solid model to choose.

In fact we recommend it as our favourite vape pen model under $100. For this reason we give the G-Pen Vaporizer a solid 4.5 star rating

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4.5 / 5 stars