Vaporizer Pen

The popularity of vaping has been growing by the day. And just like any other fan of vaping you probably enjoy every experience. However, you might want to add some fun to the whole experience. Well, the following 10 tricks will certainly come handy:

1. Huge clouds of vapor

This trick is usually among the first to master. It doesn’t require any special skills. All you need is the ability to inhale lots of vapor and also hold it for long. Gently release or blow the vapour continuously.

2. Vape rings

Vape rings are also another simple trick. Inhale the vapor and hold it in your mouth. Form a circular shape with your mouth and release the vapor slowly. It works best with the tongue placed near the mouth opening.

 3. Vape bubbles

As kids, many of us were fond of forming bubbles. The same skill also applies when forming vape bubbles. The difference is that this time round you will be filling the bubbles with vapor. You can form a large or several small bubbles.

 4. Vaping banana

Take a banana and carve a human face on it. Mark the eyes, nose and mouth. Insert an opening that runs from the banana’s side to the mouth. When vapor is blown through the side opening it will be released through the mouth.

 5. Side rings

This trick is similar to the vape rings. The only difference lies in the direction you will be blowing the vapor from. Form a circular opening on one side of your mouth. Inhale the vapor and gently release it.

 6. Dragon

This trick portrays a smoking dragon except no fire is present. The idea is to release lots of vapor from the sides of your mouth and also through the nose. In short, you will be breathing out smoke from four points.

 7. The Ghost

Ghosts are known to appear and disappear in a cloud of smoke. The ghost inhale entails blowing out and inhaling back the exhaled smoke. Inhaling it back creates an image of a ghost being sucked back from where it came from.

 8. The Vape-nardo

The vape-nardo entails forming tornadoes on a large cloud of smoke. Inhale lots of vapor and blow it on a flat surface such as a table. Use the tip of your finger to create a swirl on the cloud of smoke. Ensure no wind or air is present.

9. The French Inhale

This trick focuses on exhaling through your mouth and inhaling the vapor through your nostrils. The two events take place concurrently. Curve your lower lips upwards and direct the vapor towards the nose. Try to inhale the all the vapor.

10. The Vapey-mouse

The Vapey-mouse consists of two small rings attached to a large one. Start by blowing a large “O” ring, as it rises, follow-through with two small “O”s. They will attach to the initial ring. It works well if you have mastered blowing circular rings.

Becoming a pro at vaping tricks takes times. It will also depend on the type of tricks. For instance, tricks such as lots of vapor or vaping banana are pretty basic and simple. However, machine gun vape rings, or big rings inside small rings require skill.