VN-300x250-3jpgHerbs and vaping have been touted by various renowned agencies as the easiest and best alternative to classic smoking.

Of course, everyone understands the harm to your your health if you engage in traditional smoking.

From lung cancer, to several other conditions which have been directly linked to old school smoking; it is readily apparent that smoking is harmful to your health.

However, not many people understand the difference between smoking and vaping, and why such differences make vaping a much healthier option. Smokers looking for an alternative, a second avenue to relieve their craving often look into herbs and vaping as a substitute to traditional smoking.

A clear majority of the chemicals involved in the process of producing the traditional cigarettes are considered carcinogenic.

In fact, many of the people looking to quit smoking or find alternatives to smoking do so for fear of their own health. Various studies, most prominent among them being those conducted by the government show that herbs and vaping is a healthier way to experience the same hit without deteriorating your own health.

There have been other studies which have compared individual’s health before and after they switched to vaping. The results indicate that they felt much healthier and more active after the switch.

Herbs and vaping are more socially accepted since they do not inconvenience people around the smoker.

Traditional smoking has been banned in many places, including offices where individuals have to find private places to smoke mainly because of the odor.

The odor is so strong that it makes people uncomfortable. It also lingers after smoking sessions, a fact that can cause individuals to be very embarrassed. We won’t even go into the dangers of secondary smoke.

On the other hand, herbs and vapor pens usually have no odor or where such odor is present its often quite pleasant. Therefore, the smokers can enjoy hits whenever they feel like because they are not inconveniencing others.

Traditional smoking can have a detrimental effect on your own social life. Individuals find that they can only interact with fellow smokers. Non-smokers find it hard to live with, engage with especially intimately with a smoker.

The odor and behavior itself puts them off.

On the other hand, herbs and vaping have been found to be more socially acceptable. In fact many people consider it quite a healthy and noble option to take.

Further, not many people can tell when you are engaged in vaping unless they are privy to this information. Therefore, it has virtually no effect on your social life.

Of course for smokers there is the overriding concern. Traditional smoking is actually considered a very costly activity. Traditional smokers even those who go through an average of one pack in a day find that supporting the habit is quite expensive.

On the other hand, vaping only requires individuals to purchase the kits themselves, which is a onetime expense.

The kits are designed to work for a very long time meaning that it will be a long time before you have to replace them.

This makes vaping much cheaper and convenient than traditional smoking. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people are turning from traditional smoking to vaping.