Our Vape Pen Choice Priced Between $100-$200

Our Vape Pen Choice Priced Between $100-$200

The invention of vape pens, has flooded the market with new designs meant to achieve its purpose – to allow more vapor to gather making way for bigger hits.

The newer versions of vape pens have become shorter –uses shorter tanks and batteries, smaller or what they call the minis, fatter –shaped like cigars but longer and thinner – slimmer than a stick of cigarette.

Most of these vape pen models use shatter-style or wax concentrates and only some can use oil or flowers.

The introduction of a glass globe that is attached to the battery did away with the old standard tank. Some first versions of the pen have also started to use the glass globe since most of the clients prefer to watch the vape process while smoking.

Learning how to put waxy concentrates in a vape pen is usually the question asked of the manufacturers of the pens. These same manufacturers have placed how-to-do-it video sites on the internet that could sometimes confuse rather than instruct.

The best advice usually comes from the users themselves where experience is still the best teacher.

Putting wax in a vape pen can be a bit tricky and needs a little trial and error before you finally get it right.

To start with, a small bit of wax can be sliced off using a scalpel or a blade.

Next, flatten it between your fingers so the warmth from them could make it easier to shape before finally placing them on top of the coil.

Only a small amount of wax stays on the coil when it gets heated up as the rest will drip down to the chamber. The wax helps to allow bigger hits until it gets all melted up.

The melted wax that has dripped down to the chamber can be used again. All you need to do is to scrape it off and put it back on the coil.

Making the right choice of a vape pen would not depend on the coolness of design or the latest trend either.

It has to serve the purpose for which it was bought in the first place.

Manufacturers go out of their way to make instructional videos on what these vape pens can do and at the same time show the different styles and designs.

Their websites can be visited for further information. Shopping around would be one best option before you make your final choice.

When you’ve chosen the vape pen that you feel would be right for you, please take time to read the instructions that they come with.

Proper maintenance of the vape pen would make you enjoy the product longer till the next model comes along.

Saying that, some people still use the first version of the pens as they see no reason to change it since it gets the job done.

For first time users, just remember that batteries need to be fully charged before the pen can be used. This makes for a longer battery life.

Vaporizer Pen

Our Vape Pen Choice Priced Between $100-$200

Our Vape Pen Choice Priced Between $100-$200

Vape pens are your safe smoking alternatives. They allow you to have your daily dose of pleasure without the harmful chemicals present in traditional cigarettes, marijuana and other combustibles.

What makes these portable smoking devices great is that they can simulate the experience of smoking.

Now, if you have just bought your own vape pen for the first time, you probably don’t know how to use it yet. Don’t worry. This quick guide will show you how.

Charging It Up

Vape pens are battery operated but they don’t work like toys wherein you have to change batteries every now and then. They have a built in battery system that needs to be charged to work.

They usually come with USB chargers so all you have to do is attach the USB chord that comes with the package to the pen and then plug in a USB slot. Depending on the battery’s capacity, it may take your pen around 2-3 hours before it’s fully charged.

Filling It Up

  • Vape pens produce vapor by heating up a cartridge filled with the smoking liquid of your choice. You can choose from various vape oils that are composed of your favorite smoking herb ingredients.
  • To start filling up the cartridge, carefully detach it from the pen by turning it counter-clockwise.
  • Once detached, fill it up with the vape oil of your choice. Do not overfill; you wouldn’t want the oil to spill.
  • After filling it up, simply attach it to the pen by turning it clockwise. Once attached, you are good to go.

Using Your Vape Pen

Now, making your vape pen work is pretty much straight forward but there are some people who find it a little confusing.

  • Vape pens vary in designs but all you have to worry about when using it is that small button in its body.
  • To start smoking with your pen, all you have to do hold the button for a bit. This will heat up the oil in the cartridge than eventually becomes vapor.
  • While pressing the button, inhale the vapor from the mouthpiece with your mouth.

Once you start using your vaporizer pen, you will be surprise at how good it feels.

Parts Replacement

When it comes to replacing certain parts of your vape pen, the only thing that you need to worry about is the cartridge. While the cartridge of your vaporizer can last for a long time, it will accumulate traces of hardened vape oil which may compromise the quality of vapor you get from your pen. Once there’s too much hardened oil in the cartridge you may want to replace it with a new one.

A Quick Note on Repairs

While the chances of your vape pen breaking down on you are low, it is not perfect. A time may come when you will need to have it fixed.

In case this happens, be sure to have it fixed by a professional. Do not try fixing it on your own or you’ll make the damage worse and even void its warranty. You can have your vaporizer pen fixed by the manufacturer if it gets broken unexpectedly.

A lot of people have benefitted from using vape pens. Some were able to get over their smoking addiction while some were able to heal themselves more effectively with medical marijuana.

To start using your own vape, simply follow the tips discussed in this how to work a vape pen guide.