VaporFi Rebel IIThere are a lot of webpages and posts out there on how vaporizer pens can be used to give up cigarettes but not a whole lot on how nicotine can be given up entirely. While the transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs or vaporizers is not an overly hard process to manage, the journey from high nicotine intake to zero nicotine intake can be.

Moving to vaporizing is not hard. If you switch to a high dose nicotine e liquid then it’s just a matter of making the change and dealing with the psychological adjustment of changing mediums and vaping instead of smoking.

How was it for me?

For me this took about a week – and it wasn’t hard. This was probably for two reasons.

Firstly I was already vaporizing for other reasons besides fulfilling my daily nicotine needs. I already was versant with the experience so it made sense to carry over my nicotine habit as well.

Secondly as I already had a 3 in 1 vape pen it made sense to utilize the liquid chamber to suit my smoking cessation goals – it was a no brainer.

But even if you are a complete newbie to vaping, I cannot see the adjustment as being too difficult as long as your nicotine needs are being met.

How did this carry over into giving up nicotine?

I won’t lie it wasn’t easy. But by the same token it wasn’t overly difficult either.

I was a heavy smoker (25-30 cigs per day), so initially I bought 2 x 25ml bottles of e liquid with a 24mg nicotine content with a traditional tobacco flavor. With my vaporizer pen this amounted to around 1200-1400 puffs per bottle (maybe a little more).

The brilliant thing about vaping is you get a big nicotine hit out of a single puff of your pen. The initial down side to this was I was used to traditional smoking where you need to physically puff more to get an identical dose. So I did have a few nicotine minor OD’s before I sorted things out.

After finishing the two bottles I was pretty much of the opinion that I wanted to lower my nicotine dependency. I used the double-header strategy of choosing a flavour unrelated to cigarettes (Vanilla) with another two bottles and lowering the dose to a 18mg nicotine level.

I’m guessing you know where I’m going with this.

series-3-personal-vaporizerWith each 2 bottles I finished I lowered the nicotine dose and played with flavors.

It took me around 12 months to become comfortable with zero nicotine e liquids.

It wasn’t a completely linear journey. Sometimes I stayed on a higher nicotine level for a little longer.

Sometimes I cave in and have a low nicotine hit every now and again but the upside is these times are far and few between and becoming increasingly more so.

I’m not saying is this the way you should go about ridding nicotine from your life – or even that you should.

What I am saying that this is a possible method you might like to use to lower your nicotine addiction if you so choose.