vaporfi orbitVaping has certainly become a very popular thing across recent years. Now that there are so many different vaporizers on the market, it can be difficult to buyers to find the right product for them.

One of the market’s strongest contenders is the VaporFi Orbit, a dry herb vaporizer kit that is offering an all-around solution for dry herb vaping. Find out more about this popular new product and what’s included in the box in this new product from VaporFi™ , the Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit review.

What you get

A 1.7ml vaporizing chamber is included and this has generally been found to be enough for most people. As well as this, the kit contains:

  • 1 2200 mAh Rechargeable Vaporizer
  • 1 USB Charging Cable (Wall Charging Adapter Sold Separately)
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 5 Mesh Replaceable Filters
  • 5 Silicone Mouthpiece Covers
  • 1 User Manual

How it’s used

Filling the VaporFi Orbit is a relatively simple process.

  1. The chamber should be filled to around 3/4 full with dry herbs.
  2. After these have been packed into the chamber, the button has to be clicked 5 times in succession and the device will then turn on.
  3. It’s recommended that to get the best vaping experience from the unit, the user should draw smoothly.
  4. Once use has finished and it’s ready to be turned off, the button can be clicked another 5 times and it will shut down.

A battery-saving feature is also included in the Orbit unit, which will turn the product off automatically if it hasn’t been used for 10 minutes.

Temperature settings

orbit_redThree different heating settings can be selected, changing the amount of heat that is applied to whatever dry herb that’s been put into the chamber.

When the power button is held for 3-5 seconds, the temperature can be adjusted to the user’s desired preference.

There is a potential downfall to using a higher setting, and that’s that the chamber will most likely have to be cleaned more frequently. The VaporFi Orbit certainly requires fairly regular cleaning, no matter what setting is used.

The levels that can be selected are:

  • Red360F – Reached within around 60 seconds
  • Green380F – Reached within around 90 seconds
  • Blue420F – Reached within 120 seconds. This is the highest option.

An LED that is positioned beneath the power button indicates the current setting by its color, and the power button also changes to the appropriate color.

So what do we think?

Seeing as this device features a large chamber and very strong battery life, it makes for a good vaping experience for most of its users.

The VaporFi Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit is a very cheap ($100) and yet effective solution for people that need an improved method of vaporizing the dry herb of their choice.

Although the regularity of cleaning could become an annoyance for some, the VaporFi Orbit still has a strong position as a good looking, easy to use and enjoyable alternative to smoking. For this reason we give it 4.5 stars


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Persei Vaporizer

pers2The Persei Vaporizer is one of the most innovative vaporizers to be seen on the market in recent years. The power and versatility of this vaporizer set it apart from the standard vaporizers that many are used. In this Persei Vaporizer review we will look at this device in more detail and explain some of its key benefits, as well as address some of its drawbacks.

Overview Of The Persei Vaporizer

The Persei Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer designed to work with waxy concentrates like the budder, super melt and BHO. It is battery powered using a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The device is an update of the Omicron with the added ability to used different industry standard batteries to increase the vaporizers voltage.



Key Features Of The Persei Vaporizer

  • Uses interchangeable standard batteries with 3.7, 6.0 and 7.4 volts
  • Allows for double top cart configuration
  • Compatible with a wide variety of cartridges
  • High grade stainless steel construction

Benefits Of The Persei Vaporizer

Most standard vapor pens have a voltage range of between 3.2 and 4.8 volts. In contrast the Persei boasts a pers4voltage range of 3.0 to 7.4 volts. If the core pass system is used this can be extended to 3.5 to 8.4 volts. The Persei Vaporizer allows users to manually alter the voltage units. This can be done by replacing the batteries used in the Vaporizer. The Persei vaporizer allows you to swap out the top piece of the device to set-up a double cartridge set-up. This enables you to produce an even more powerful hit.

So what kind of hits can you expect from the Persei Vaporizer?

Depending on how long you hold down the vaporizer button and the material used you can usually expect around two to three hundreds hits from a single gram of material.


The Persei vaporizer is constructed from high grade stainless steel with a modular design. This means that it is far more durable than some other competing vaporizers. Despite the durable design the Persei is remarkably lightweight making it easy to handle.

The heating wires in the vaporizer are titanium grade two with ceramic heating wicks. The enables the user to safely use the vaporizer while producing nice, thick clouds.

The Persei also has a number of useful add-on features available. These include bubblers, hammer top and the aforementioned double headed cartridge.

Drawbacks To The Persei Vaporizer

pers3The Persei Vaporizer won’t be for all users. Think of it as a high performance vehicle like a Lamborghini.

It can be a great ride but needs to be handled with respect and care. The Persei Vaporizer is more ruggedly built than some manual vaporizers but like all of these devices it will clog if it is over used and can be prone to leaking if not handled correctly.

The size of the device is also something to consider.

While the Persei is light weight it also not the smallest manual vaporizer on the market. If you are looking for a discrete device you may need to look elsewhere.

The ability to manually alter the voltage also has its drawbacks.

Unfortunately while the Persei Vaporizer is able to deliver some great hits, it is also relatively easy to burn out your cartridge. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the correct voltage depending on the cartridge that you are using.

Overall Recommendation

If you are looking for a powerful and extremely versatile vaporizer then you will want to take a close look at the Persei. This vaporizer does take some getting used to, especially in order to maximize its performance. But if handled correctly this is one of the best manual vaporizers on the market. We give it a solid 4 star rating


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VaporFi Rebel 2 Starter KitWith a variety of vape pens available in the market today, vape users will be looking for standout options: classy design, more powerful batteries, customizable vaping experiences, cost-effectiveness etc.

The VaporFi™ Rebel II Starter Kit review takes a look at how the vape pen fare on these counts.

About the VaporFi™ Rebel II Starter Kit

The VaporFi Rebel II is an APV (advanced personal vaporizer) that has been designed for vape users who want a personalized experience with more power.

The starter kit comes with a telescopic vaporizer, two rechargeable batteries (one standard, one high capacity), a Rebel Tank Clearomizer, a wall charger and user manual.

VaporFi has quickly become one of the top e-cig brands known for its wide selection of e-cig types, modded tanks and customizable e-juices.

The Rebel II starter kit is one of the higher end ones from the brand – the Pulse is the other.

The cheapest kits are the Air and Express, and the Jet and Pro are mid-range.

The Rebel II comes with variable voltage (from 3 to 6 volts) and a built-in display to adjust wattage and voltage.

The juice flow is also adjustable and a 1 year warranty will take care of any malfunctions that crop up.

What we liked 

The VaporFi Rebel II is a great-looking piece with a clean, stainless steel finish and a cool tank at the top that gives it a high quality feel.Vaporfi Rebel

You can alter both the juice and airflow in the tank, which is great for a customizable vaping experience. Design-wise it’s hard to fault the Rebel II.

The tank also has a large capacity (4ml) so your experience lasts much longer than standard e-cigs.

It also offers an impressive set of two different batteries.

The high capacity battery comes with 2800mAh power that is pretty heavy, but shouldn’t be a problem for those looking for an APV.

The lighter standard battery of 750mAh is good for portability and a quick vaping.

The larger battery can make huge clouds of vapor and the throat hit at 4.6V can be amazing, as users have found.

The battery life is also very impressive. The 2800mAh can last a full two days on 4.6V and a single charge.

Vaporfi Rebel II Starter KitWhat we didn’t like

The one complaint that users unanimously have about the VaporFi Rebel II is the price, which is at the higher end.

However, in the long run this vape pen turns out to be cost-effective because of the powerful batteries with an impressive battery life and the large tank capacity.

The atomizer can also be a little heavy and large, though this is common for APVs and there is only one of it, which may be a problem for some.

To get the most out of the Rebel II, you will also need to restrict the batteries you use to Rebel, Rocket and VOX 50 MOD batteries, which might be a limitation.

So what do we think?

For serious vapers who are looking for a nearly perfect APV that offers a personalized vaping experience, the VaporFi Rebel II starter kit is a hands-down winner.

It may be a tad heavy compared to the other vape pens, but it compensates with a high quality build.

If you want adjustable air and juice flow, and adjustable throat hits and vaping, then it may be well worth it to shell out the dollars.

Yes it is expensive but we don’t hesitate to give it a 4.5 star rating

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Our Vape Pen Choice Priced Between $100-$200

Our Vape Pen Choice Priced Between $100-$200

If you are a smoker, you have likely heard, or have probably used electronic cigarettes, which are healthy and cooler replacements for traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Vape pens are the current refinement of electronic cigarettes.

Similar to e-cigarettes, vaporizer pens do not burn anything.

Rather, they produce a smokeless vapor of concentrate through a heating element powered by a tiny battery.

Unlike e-cigarettes, they allow you to add your own wax solutions, oils or liquid nicotine. It resembles a fountain pen in size and shape, hence the name.

Nevertheless, not all vape pens are the same. Before buying one, consider these important factors:

Long lasting batteries

Most vape pens now use lithium ion batteries, which are better and last longer.

However, a few cheap brands use older battery technology. Therefore, you want to confirm that the vaporizer uses lithium ion before purchasing.

Longer battery life allows you to get your ‘fix’ anytime, anywhere, without any worries.

Compatibility of concentrate

Perhaps one of the most essential considerations is whether you intend to vape oil, dry herbs or wax.

Some vape pens are compatible with all three concentrates and work efficiently, while other vaporizers can only handle one or two concentrates.

However, when deciding which one to use, also keep in mind that e-juice or oil is the most widely accessible concentrate for vaping.

If you use the wrong concentrate on your vape pen, you will damage it and/or have a very unpleasant vaping experience.

For instance, dry herbs begin to vaporize at 360 F, which is a very low temperature compared to that of wax or oil. If you put dry herbs in an oil or wax vaping pen, they will combust and release toxic smoke rather than clean vapor.

Your budget

Of course, you should decide how much you want to spend on your vape pen. The less you are willing to spend, the more limited your ideal options.

Like purchasing other things, you generally get what you pay for. If you want quality and durability, you should be willing to spend upwards of $100.

Cheap, low quality vape pens are notorious for burning the concentrate, heating up very slow, and breaking down just when you need them the most.

If you intend to spend less than $100 on your vaporizer, you should consider saving up for a better unit.

Aesthetics and other features

As aforementioned, all vape pens are tube-shaped like fountain pens. Nevertheless, many brands add various features to distinguish themselves from the rest.

For instance, some are smaller in length than others, which come in handy if you are looking for easy portability and discretion.

Other models may have a low restriction on each draw, which is a useful feature for people with a certain medical condition.

Authenticity is also very important. The internet is full of cheap imitations and counterfeits that do not meet half the quality standards of the originals.

Avoid disappointing and substandard vaping experience.


Our Vape Pen Choice Priced Between $100-$200

Our Vape Pen Choice Priced Between $100-$200

The invention of vape pens, has flooded the market with new designs meant to achieve its purpose – to allow more vapor to gather making way for bigger hits.

The newer versions of vape pens have become shorter –uses shorter tanks and batteries, smaller or what they call the minis, fatter –shaped like cigars but longer and thinner – slimmer than a stick of cigarette.

Most of these vape pen models use shatter-style or wax concentrates and only some can use oil or flowers.

The introduction of a glass globe that is attached to the battery did away with the old standard tank. Some first versions of the pen have also started to use the glass globe since most of the clients prefer to watch the vape process while smoking.

Learning how to put waxy concentrates in a vape pen is usually the question asked of the manufacturers of the pens. These same manufacturers have placed how-to-do-it video sites on the internet that could sometimes confuse rather than instruct.

The best advice usually comes from the users themselves where experience is still the best teacher.

Putting wax in a vape pen can be a bit tricky and needs a little trial and error before you finally get it right.

To start with, a small bit of wax can be sliced off using a scalpel or a blade.

Next, flatten it between your fingers so the warmth from them could make it easier to shape before finally placing them on top of the coil.

Only a small amount of wax stays on the coil when it gets heated up as the rest will drip down to the chamber. The wax helps to allow bigger hits until it gets all melted up.

The melted wax that has dripped down to the chamber can be used again. All you need to do is to scrape it off and put it back on the coil.

Making the right choice of a vape pen would not depend on the coolness of design or the latest trend either.

It has to serve the purpose for which it was bought in the first place.

Manufacturers go out of their way to make instructional videos on what these vape pens can do and at the same time show the different styles and designs.

Their websites can be visited for further information. Shopping around would be one best option before you make your final choice.

When you’ve chosen the vape pen that you feel would be right for you, please take time to read the instructions that they come with.

Proper maintenance of the vape pen would make you enjoy the product longer till the next model comes along.

Saying that, some people still use the first version of the pens as they see no reason to change it since it gets the job done.

For first time users, just remember that batteries need to be fully charged before the pen can be used. This makes for a longer battery life.

Kandypens Skycloud

The KandyPens Skycloud Vaporizer is a psychedelic oasis in a desert of monochrome in the vape pen marketplace.

As a customer, you have a wide range of color options to choose from the pen coming in neon yellows, pinks, reds, blues and purples and many more!

It’s like the ‘80’s  have found a home in a vape pen.

kandypens skycloud vaporizerWith its oval shaped body, it oozes grace and style however, there is much more than just looks that this vaporizer has to offer.

The very first thing that strikes you when you come across the vaporizer is its price. Priced at around $100, you get a compact package that is big in potential.

The vaporizer comes with 3 atomizers, one each for e-liquids, herbs and waxes. An additional $30 can get you a glass bulb which will let you work with concentrates as well.

What do you get with the pen?

The KandyPens Skycloud Vaporizer comes with the following accessories:

  • 1 x Ellipse Battery
  • 1 x Loose Leaf Heating Chamber
  • 1 x Waxy Oil Atomizer
  • 1 x E-Liquid Tank
  • 2 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Dabber Tool
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Wall Adapter
  • 1 x USB Adapter
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Herbs, waxes and liquids of course do not accompany the standard package.

A 2 hour charge is good enough for the battery to last for the entire day. The fact that its atomizers are wickless obviates the chances of burnt taste which is so common with spongy wicks.

The device can be turned on and off by a button marked “K”.

kandypens skycloudThe company has paid huge attention to presentation.

The white box of the vaporizer has two layers of fitted inserts. The one on top contains the pen with one attached atomizer and rest of the two atomizers while the lower tray holds the USB charging kit i.e. the cable and adapter.

The noticeable features include:

The Glass Globe Atomizer

The glass wax atomizer lets you watch all that goes into the functioning of the vaporizer. The large size of the glass chamber enables efficient heating and a cleaner taste.

E Liquid Loveliness

The vaporizer is as good at work as it is in looks as a 3 in 1 unit. The vaporizer relieves you of the compulsion to carry along separate pens to enjoy waxes, herbs and e-liquids. Skycloud vaporizer is potent enough to produce impressive clouds of vapors with all the three ingredients.

Battery Brilliance

The battery of KandyPens Skycloud is a brilliant one. Most vaporizers suffer from the drawback of poor battery life which has adequately been taken care of by KandyPens in Skycloud.

The battery of KandyPens Skycloud far outperforms batteries of other vaporizers in its category.

Honeycomb Screen

One commonly observed shortcoming with vaporizers that work with herbs is that herbs tend to over burn in the vaporizer at times.

This is a glaring issue in vaporizers which are very small and the chamber and atomizer are squeezed into a small space. To prevent such issues, manufacturers are making use of glass honeycomb screens. Skycloud comes with three extras to obviate the chances of such an occurrence.

What we didn’t like

The only downside with KandyPens Skycloud is that the herbal chamber and mouthpiece are too small. This not only impacts the throat hit and flavor but also gives you a tough time while refilling.

So what do we think?

The KandyPens Skycloud vaporizer is a quality pen at a surprisingly good price. It does what it advertises, with little downside in its functionality. For this reason we give this pen a 4.5 star rating

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vaporiteThe Vaporite Platinum from the trusted house of Vaporite is an advanced vaporizer pen that works with oils, waxes and herbs. The pen has a single touch activation mechanism through a button that allows you to vape while at home or in

transit. As an improvement over the previous model the Emerald, the Platinum is capable of vaporizing your favorite waxes, herbs and oils as well.

This model seems very similar to another bestseller from Vaporite, the Budy Pen Platinum however the only difference is the addition of a glass globe in Platinum which is instrumental in enhancing the dab experience while you are on the go.

The Budy Pen had a cylindrical atomizer tank which appeared very similar to the G-Pen.

Like its predecessors, the Platinum is also an intuitive vape pen that not only gives you a great vaping experience but also suits your pocket and lasts long.

Here is a sneak peek into all that Vaporite Platinum Vaporizer offers:

Three-in-one compatibility

The Platinum model comes with a very classy see through glass tank which is used for herbs. Besides this, the clearomizer is completely transparent making the unit fully compatible with solid as well as liquid concentrates and e-juices.

 Efficient and effective vaporizing

vaporite-platinum-allThe high quality clearomizer enables you not only to get tasty and hearty vapor clouds from your favorite concentrates but also lets you keep a watch over the quantity left for use.

This makes the Platinum one of the most reliable vaporizers in the markets which does not die a sudden death due to a lack of concentrate.

Its strength, durability and efficiency makes it a terrific value for money product.

The wax atomizer is the real prize. It has a ceramic wick and the titanium coil is wound around it tightly.

The Platinum heats very fast in just 5 seconds and vaporizes the oils and waxes without a shade of residue.

Included Accessories

Here is a list of what you get with the Vaporite Platinum:

  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x 900 mah Battery
  • 1 x Dry Herb Chamber
  • 1 x Glass Globe Attachment
  • 1 x Liquid/Oil Tank
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Stir Tool
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 3 x Ceramic Screens


vaporite-platinum-group-colorsThe Vaporite kit has several tools that ensure that your device lasts longer.

It is recommended that the clearomizer and heating chamber are cleaned with an isopropyl alcohol soaked swab of cotton.

Clean the mouthpiece with a paper towel made moist by water.

It is necessary that you recharge the battery fully between vaping sessions to allow it to retain its charge for a longer duration.

What didn’t we like

If you want to have some old school experience by vaporizing a dry flower, you can do it with this vape pen.

However, the dry herb cartomizer in this product is a little fussy. If you hold the button down for too long, you risk burning the herb but this is the same with all stainless steel coil loose leaf vapes.

And therein lays the rub.

There have been some complaints at a less than ideal experience when working with dry herbs. We suspect attention being paid to a finer grind of herb may help remedy this situation. But still this a reported problem.

You have to remember this pen is priced under $100 so you get what you pay for.

So what do we think?

The Vaporite Platinum is definitely a good buy for an e-liquid enthusiast.

It is certainly a great buy for those who cannot do without smoking concentrates.

We think it is still a good pen for dry herbs but there are issues.

The Vaporite Platinum Vaporizer Pen is a high quality pen for the price. For this reason we give a solid 4 star rating

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Pulsar Ninja

image_457The Pulsar Ninja is a discreet pen from the manufacturers of the elegant Pulsar 7 Dry Herb Vaporizer which had been widely accepted by users.

This compact personal vaporizer has been designed to work with waxy oil concentrates. The Pulsar Ninja gives you the freedom to enjoy your essential oils in a small, portable and attractively designed vape pen.

The Ninja is extremely easy to use.

All you need to do is fill the atomizer with your favorite waxy oil and press the activation button. The one-touch-activation heats up the pen and gets it ready for use in no time at all.

As a matter of fact, two big advantages of the Pulsar Ninja that have made this vape pen a bestseller, in the waxy oil pens category, are its easy loading and quick heating.

Let us delve some more into what this tiny vape pen from Pulsar offers.

Sleek and stylish appearance

The Pulsar Ninja boasts of a sleek and aerodynamic design with smooth exteriors. The color choices include Green, Blue, Black, White, Red and Silver.

Easy charging, cleaning and maintenance

Due to the advanced atomizer used in Ninja Vaporizer which leaves no residue after a vaping session, the device is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

The battery of the Pulsar Ninja gets fully charged in two to three hours and remains good to go for next 4 hours of vaping.


The vaporizer comes with a latest version atomizer and USB charger along with a mouthpiece and instruction manual.

Easy functionality

Once your Ninja is ready after a charge, remove the mouthpiece to pour a dab of concentrate in the atomizer using the steel scooping tool. Recap the mouthpiece, keep the activator button pressed for 2-3 seconds and take the first draft of vapor.

Suits travel

Pulsar Ninja VaporizerThe Pulsar Ninja is a traveler’s best friend. Using blends can be too cumbersome when you want a good amount of them for a long trip. Packing them can be an inconvenient process too.

On the other hand, oils and concentrates can fit in any place and allow more discreetness than blends.

The fact that loading the Ninja is a child’s play makes it easy to use while on a trip.

The heating element is made up of ceramic, which is quite easy to clean. Since it is only waxy oils that the device vaporizes, there is no need to worry about the contents getting stuck and slowing down vaporization.


Almost all products from Pulsar come with a warranty on chargers, batteries and other accessories, which are found faulty due to a manufacturing defect.

The warranty program that remains valid for 6 months from the date of purchase does not cover defects arising out of unintentional dropping, neglect, lost parts, entry of water into the device or any other damage that does not arise directly from flawed workmanship.

What we didn’t like

The only downside with this vape pen is that it vaporizes waxes and oils only. Hence if you are looking for a vape pen that works with all three i.e oils, herbs and e-juices, this is not the right choice for you.

What do we think?

Given the ease of use and maintenance, Pulsar Ninja finds a rightful place in a vaping enthusiast’s arsenal. It shall not be an overstatement to say that Pulsar Ninja is one of the better pen styled oil vaporizers in the market. For that reason we give a four star rating on this pen

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Vape Pen

Vaping is becoming more and more popular as vape pens are becoming readily available in the market. Marketed as an alternative to tobacco cigarette smoking, people from all around the world are enjoying its benefits, but they also have their set of drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the answers to the question from both sides, “What are vaping pros and cons?”

Vaping Pros

710Pen Ark Vaporizer Kit

Our # 1 Vape Pen Kit Between $100-$200

Vaping provides freedom for those who are annoyed at not being able to smoke in public places. Currently, there are no vaping laws in most countries, allowing anyone to enjoy the act of vaping where they please.

They emit no second-hand smoke and no nasty smells – allowing anyone to use them even in social settings such as restaurants, the workplace, the streets, and most importantly, in the comforts of your own home.

It’s also considered to be a healthier alternative over tobacco cigarette smoking – the number one reason why most people use them in the first place. While tobacco contains thousands of chemicals and carcinogens that wreak havoc on your lungs, vaporizers only use water vapor, and thus, smoke is not produced at all.

Tobacco contains carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic, ammonia, cyanide, acetone, and loads and loads of harmful toxins that are just bad for you.

Vaporizers only use e-liquids or juices that are made of 4 ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine (optional), and food-grade flavors, which are much healthier than the chemicals found in tobacco.

If you’re thinking about your nicotine fix, vaping provides you the very same amount as cigarettes, with options of customization. You can choose from different nicotine levels for your e-liquids, allowing you to still get the physiological sensations you get to enjoy.

Vaping is also clean – for you and the environment. You can stop further yellowing of your teeth and fingernails, plus your clothes won’t smell like tobacco anymore. Cigarette butts are non-biodegradable, so when you throw them out, you’re adding to the world’s amount of waste that will last forever.

Vaping is also more enjoyable with the countless selections of e-liquids available. You can choose from classic flavors to the more exotic – making it a more satisfying alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping Cons

Vape pens also have their own set of drawbacks.

For one, and the most important thing to take note is that production is not regulated by the FDA. There are no current laws with regards to the materials and ingredients that must be used in making them – so it’s best to be wary about the brand of vaporizer that you purchase.

There have also been cases of users being allergic to propylene glycol – one of the ingredients of e-liquids.

Another disadvantage is that if you’re looking for an alternative to smoking that will help stop your addiction to smoking, this is not the solution for you.

Most E-liquids contain nicotine – the highly addicting substance in tobacco that makes you want to puff a stick every few minutes. Though you can choose to have liquids with zero nicotine, the odds of vaporizers helping you quit smoking overnight are very low.

Though you may save more money in the long run, initial expense may be expensive for a good quality vaporizer that will last for many years.

As you can see the pros of vaporizing seem to overwhelm the amount of negatives associated with it. It is a healthier alternative to smoking and it is a system that can lead to smoking cessation with careful planning and a strong will.

Vaporizer Pen

The popularity of vaping has been growing by the day. And just like any other fan of vaping you probably enjoy every experience. However, you might want to add some fun to the whole experience. Well, the following 10 tricks will certainly come handy:

1. Huge clouds of vapor

This trick is usually among the first to master. It doesn’t require any special skills. All you need is the ability to inhale lots of vapor and also hold it for long. Gently release or blow the vapour continuously.

2. Vape rings

Vape rings are also another simple trick. Inhale the vapor and hold it in your mouth. Form a circular shape with your mouth and release the vapor slowly. It works best with the tongue placed near the mouth opening.

 3. Vape bubbles

As kids, many of us were fond of forming bubbles. The same skill also applies when forming vape bubbles. The difference is that this time round you will be filling the bubbles with vapor. You can form a large or several small bubbles.

 4. Vaping banana

Take a banana and carve a human face on it. Mark the eyes, nose and mouth. Insert an opening that runs from the banana’s side to the mouth. When vapor is blown through the side opening it will be released through the mouth.

 5. Side rings

This trick is similar to the vape rings. The only difference lies in the direction you will be blowing the vapor from. Form a circular opening on one side of your mouth. Inhale the vapor and gently release it.

 6. Dragon

This trick portrays a smoking dragon except no fire is present. The idea is to release lots of vapor from the sides of your mouth and also through the nose. In short, you will be breathing out smoke from four points.

 7. The Ghost

Ghosts are known to appear and disappear in a cloud of smoke. The ghost inhale entails blowing out and inhaling back the exhaled smoke. Inhaling it back creates an image of a ghost being sucked back from where it came from.

 8. The Vape-nardo

The vape-nardo entails forming tornadoes on a large cloud of smoke. Inhale lots of vapor and blow it on a flat surface such as a table. Use the tip of your finger to create a swirl on the cloud of smoke. Ensure no wind or air is present.

9. The French Inhale

This trick focuses on exhaling through your mouth and inhaling the vapor through your nostrils. The two events take place concurrently. Curve your lower lips upwards and direct the vapor towards the nose. Try to inhale the all the vapor.

10. The Vapey-mouse

The Vapey-mouse consists of two small rings attached to a large one. Start by blowing a large “O” ring, as it rises, follow-through with two small “O”s. They will attach to the initial ring. It works well if you have mastered blowing circular rings.

Becoming a pro at vaping tricks takes times. It will also depend on the type of tricks. For instance, tricks such as lots of vapor or vaping banana are pretty basic and simple. However, machine gun vape rings, or big rings inside small rings require skill.