VaporFi Rebel 2 Starter KitWith a variety of vape pens available in the market today, vape users will be looking for standout options: classy design, more powerful batteries, customizable vaping experiences, cost-effectiveness etc.

The VaporFi™ Rebel II Starter Kit review takes a look at how the vape pen fare on these counts.

About the VaporFi™ Rebel II Starter Kit

The VaporFi Rebel II is an APV (advanced personal vaporizer) that has been designed for vape users who want a personalized experience with more power.

The starter kit comes with a telescopic vaporizer, two rechargeable batteries (one standard, one high capacity), a Rebel Tank Clearomizer, a wall charger and user manual.

VaporFi has quickly become one of the top e-cig brands known for its wide selection of e-cig types, modded tanks and customizable e-juices.

The Rebel II starter kit is one of the higher end ones from the brand – the Pulse is the other.

The cheapest kits are the Air and Express, and the Jet and Pro are mid-range.

The Rebel II comes with variable voltage (from 3 to 6 volts) and a built-in display to adjust wattage and voltage.

The juice flow is also adjustable and a 1 year warranty will take care of any malfunctions that crop up.

What we liked 

The VaporFi Rebel II is a great-looking piece with a clean, stainless steel finish and a cool tank at the top that gives it a high quality feel.Vaporfi Rebel

You can alter both the juice and airflow in the tank, which is great for a customizable vaping experience. Design-wise it’s hard to fault the Rebel II.

The tank also has a large capacity (4ml) so your experience lasts much longer than standard e-cigs.

It also offers an impressive set of two different batteries.

The high capacity battery comes with 2800mAh power that is pretty heavy, but shouldn’t be a problem for those looking for an APV.

The lighter standard battery of 750mAh is good for portability and a quick vaping.

The larger battery can make huge clouds of vapor and the throat hit at 4.6V can be amazing, as users have found.

The battery life is also very impressive. The 2800mAh can last a full two days on 4.6V and a single charge.

Vaporfi Rebel II Starter KitWhat we didn’t like

The one complaint that users unanimously have about the VaporFi Rebel II is the price, which is at the higher end.

However, in the long run this vape pen turns out to be cost-effective because of the powerful batteries with an impressive battery life and the large tank capacity.

The atomizer can also be a little heavy and large, though this is common for APVs and there is only one of it, which may be a problem for some.

To get the most out of the Rebel II, you will also need to restrict the batteries you use to Rebel, Rocket and VOX 50 MOD batteries, which might be a limitation.

So what do we think?

For serious vapers who are looking for a nearly perfect APV that offers a personalized vaping experience, the VaporFi Rebel II starter kit is a hands-down winner.

It may be a tad heavy compared to the other vape pens, but it compensates with a high quality build.

If you want adjustable air and juice flow, and adjustable throat hits and vaping, then it may be well worth it to shell out the dollars.

Yes it is expensive but we don’t hesitate to give it a 4.5 star rating

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4.5 / 5 stars