The vaporizer pen is the newest trend when it comes to socially acceptable smoking. It is similar to a high-end e-cigarette that can be used for a lot more things.

As companies selling e-cigarettes have been amassing huge profits, companies that produce vape pens are also becoming massively popular.

What is a Vaporizer Pen Used for?

E-cigarettes and vape pens all act in the same way; they both have a battery-powered heating mechanism that vaporizes the liquid inside the canister. For the cases of e-cigarettes, that would be liquid containing nicotine.

However, vapor pens are specially designed to vaporize the active molecules in all essential oils, dry herbs, and marijuana extracts. Another way of putting it is vape pens are the e-cigarette of the marijuana world.

Pot smokers are beginning to shift from traditional weed smoking methods to vape pens since they are less likely to be judged by other people when compared to smoking a bong or a joint.

Now, with certain states allowing the legal use of marijuana—whether medicinal or recreational—pot smokers everywhere are trying out vape pens as an alternative.

Another advantage of using vape pens is that they leave no smelly residue behind. Smoking marijuana—or cigarettes for that matter—often leave behind a nasty smell that sticks to one’s clothes and hands.

Since vape pens produce cold, smokeless vapors, they do not have that accompanying smell. Vape pen users are indistinguishable from non-smokers since they do not smell afterwards.

How It’s Used and Its Meteoric Rise in Popularity

Another reason why marijuana smokers have started using the product is due to the concentration levels that they can get.

Typically, smoking a joint can give around 20% THC—the active compound in marijuana. Vape pens use a liquid concentrate that can go up to 90% THC.

This means that users often experience a much more intense high. These concentrates are often home-made and sold directly. State laws often don’t have rules regarding the enforcement of such liquids while the sale of vape pens are entirely legal.

However, not all vape pens are used solely for recreational marijuana purposes. Some cancer patients use vape pens as a means for medicinal marijuana.

Vape pens are often inconspicuous and easier to use as compared to smoking a bong. They are also more generally socially acceptable as they look like e-cigarettes which mean you can smoke them around the neighborhood without getting any weird or funny looks.

Also, since the active compounds are being vaporized into tiny particles, its mode of action is actually similar to a nebulizer instead of a cigarette. Since there is no combustion, nor harmful residual compounds are formed which means they are a far safer alternative to smoking.

The vape pen industry is reaching new heights and is becoming more and more popular. People are typically trying out this pen and adoption rate is surprisingly high.

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