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Our Favorite Vape Pen Under $100

What is a Vape Pen?

Vaporizers have found wide acceptance among people who seek the satisfaction of smoking without the harmful effects of combustion and burning associated with traditional smoking. With their growing acceptance in the markets, vaporizer pens, commonly known as vape pens have evolved considerably in their ease of use and size.

The working of an electronic pen is very similar to an electronic cigarette. Moreover, it allows you to add your own special dry blends, waxes and oils to the vaporizer. Vaporizer pens are so called because of their resemblance to the common writing tool. They are definitely worth trying by anyone who is looking for an alternative to smoking.

What’s inside a Vape Pen?

Having known what a vape pen is, let us now delve into what is in a vape pen?

For the pen to produce vapour there has to be a substance that can be heated to produce vapour and a chamber which can heat it. Some of the most common products that you will find being used in a vape pen include waxes, e-liquids and essential oils. There are a few vaporizers that require specific products inside them to function well. However, most vape pens work on either dry herbs or waxes and essential oils.

A vape pen contains a lithium ion battery which fuels the central heating component. This heating component is responsible for heating up the dry herbs, wax or oil up to a temperature of around 350 degrees and bringing them to the point right after which combustion would begin. This results in production of vapour in its purest form. Most smoking products burn the substance by heating it up to 1000 degrees which results in harmful toxins and unwanted residue getting inhaled by the user.

Benefits of using  a Vape Pen.

Having read about the working of a vape pen, it is anybody’s guess that the single most prominent benefit of using a vape pen is towards your health. Vaping has been considered the safest form of smoking.

Another benefit of using a vape pen is its discreetness. Vape pens are small enough to fit into your pockets. Even when the user exhales out the vapour, it is odourless allowing it to remain undetected by people around the user. With such high level of portability and discreetness, they can be carried anywhere the user wants to.


By now you know that dry herbs, waxes and oils are used inside a vape pen to produce vapour. However, it does not mean that a single vape pen can be used for all types of products. While there may be some unique pens that claim to work with all substances, most of the pens in the market work exclusively on one of the three.

Using a vape pen is also easy on your pocket. This is because the unit can be used over and over again and the only recurring expenditure is of the products burned in the chamber. Some vape pens come with more than one mouthpiece allowing users to select from several different flavours.