v2 pro series 3If you are new to the vaping experience you must have come across multiple variables of e-cigarettes in the marketplace.

By just listening to new users, it becomes obvious that the umbrella term ‘e-cigarette‘ is misleading.

Too many customers are eventually denying themselves the options they have away from ordinary cigarettes.

E-cigarettes in Brief

To get an idea of the genesis of this confusion it is imperative to get an idea on what e-cigarettes encompass.

The FDA defines an e-cigarette as any device that turns nicotine, flavorings, or other solutions into vapor which you can then inhale.

The design is much the same as that of an ordinary cigarette but that is where similarities end.

Inside the e-cig there is a system consisting of a rechargeable lithium battery, a cartridge where the nicotine solution mostly propylene glycol is placed and a heater which vaporizes the solution to be inhaled.

The inhaling action by the user activates the battery and this heats the smoking juice which is converted to vapor.

This is the vapor a user will draw in and then out but it is odorless because no nicotine is burnt. This system is what is generalized as the e-cigarette in the public debates.

Upgrading to a Vape Pen

The vape pen is a next-generation e-cigarette because it offers all the benefits of the e-cig but improves on the drawbacks.

As the name suggests the vape pen imitates the design of a fountain pen and is thus discreet option for those who do not want to scream they are smoking.

The other major difference comes in the system they heat the vapor.

While the standard e-cig creates vapor by breaking down the propylene glycol solution through battery power vape pens do this gradually using warm air. This air passes through the materials in a set temperature to vaporize the ingredients and release them into the air.

While the difference between a standard e-cigarette and a vape pen might look minimal the benefits of switching are immense.

If someone asks, why should you upgrade from a standard e-cigarette to a vape pen? Just give them these answers

Enhanced Portability

Vape pen are becoming more portable especially with smaller designs coming out of late. Users do not have to worry about them sticking from their shirt pockets in the office.

More Inexpensive

Compared to the standard e-cig, using a vape pen is comparatively more affordable.

These days, you do not have to burn a hole in your pockets, you can pick up a quality vape pen for under $100.

Sure, this is a little more expensive than a standard e-cig starter kit, but in terms of usage and materials used, they are more economic.

Firstly they are more cost-efficient because they come with refillable tanks or cartridges.


Also, vape pens have a better battery life ranging from 650mAh to 1300mAh and even higher.

Lastly there is so much more you can do with a vape pen. Whatever your style there is a vape pen out there for you. There are so many designs available that you will be lost for choice.

You also you can choose a vape pen for alternative mediums such as dry herbs and waxy concentrates.

This is something that you cannot do with a standard e-cigarette.

While vape pens might be thicker than the ordinary e-cigarette there is no denying that they offer a user a delightful, healthy, and affordable vaping experience.